Executive & Leadership Coaching

“the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” 
– Ralph Nader

Scott & Associates offers workshops in leadership and professional development.
The following is a synopsis of our most requested workshops and programs.These programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals who may be Executives, Directors, and Managers leading teams.

They aim to develop an understanding of the skills required to lead and control change initiatives and high performance teams

Leaders will work with a personal coach who will provide objective, timely, balanced feedback as it relates to leadership development.

Scott & Associates provides coaching services and support for Executives, Directors, Managers and Employees working in diversified roles and accountabilities.

Our approach is always a blend of human/heart-based empathy and strong business acumen.

 All of the programs offered through Scott & Associates  are customized to suit each organization.  As no two organizations are the same, we rely on our personalized service and your feedback to insure that we provide you with training and development programs that link themselves to the overall corporate strategy.

Certified Executive Business/Life Coach

“I had the pleasure of working with Lisa as an executive coach when I first took over a CEO level job, having been promoted past my peers in an organization which required significant restructuring. Lisa’s creativity, integrity, and no-nonsense coaching approach assisted me beyond measure. She is a highly-skilled expert whose hard-working empathetic approach is invaluable. Lisa also helped me train our sales force into “thinking out of the box” in approaching customers and helped improve sales results and efficiencies. She would be a great asset to any executive seeking objective improvements in any situation.” June 10, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

(Ms.) Robin Rotenberg,  Vice President Corporate Communications and Chief Communications Officer at BASF Corporation, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey,   Former President, BASF Canada