“Throughout my thirty five years in business, many of them as CEO and President of large multinational corporations, I have used the services of several consulting firms, (many of these are large national and international firms) to provide me with advice, guidance and recommendations on how to improve not only operations but also improve staff morale and relationships. Of all these consulting firms, one firm stands out alone from all others – the firm of Scott and Associates of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. They are the firm that made the largest lasting positive impact not only to the operations of the corporation but to the individuals as well. I can best describe Scott and Associates by calling them a non typical “boutique” style firm spanning not only a full array of expertise but also providing their services in both English and French.

Although Scott and Associates is a high-end professional firm; their approach is such that individuals at all levels of an organization will feel comfortable working with them and their team members.

Without a moment’s hesitation I would strongly recommend Scott and Associates to any organization or individual seeking to develop to their next level.”


Jacques Messier

DVM, MBA, CEO Toronto Humane Society               Former CEO & President, Novopharm Pharmaceuticals


It was a absolute pleasure meeting you?.. I learned  so many valuable, insightful skills over the past day and a half..

I had hoped  to come away from this week feeling inspired and pushed to my edges and I walked away with those desired results and so much more.. I even had my A HA moment which was awesome…

If you could please add me to your ‘Thought of the Day’ email list, I would really appreciate it..  It will be fantastic to receive a daily dosage of inspiration ;)..

Thank you again for a amazing few days,

Wishing you nothing but green lights ?

Angela Hackel – Andrew Peller Ltd.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa as an executive coach when I first took over a CEO level job, having been promoted past my peers in an organization which required significant restructuring. Lisa’s creativity, integrity, and no-nonsense coaching approach assisted me beyond measure. She is a highly-skilled expert whose hard-working empathetic approach is invaluable. Lisa also helped me train our sales force into “thinking out of the box” in approaching customers and helped improve sales results and efficiencies. She would be a great asset to any executive seeking objective improvements in any situation.” June 10, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

(Ms.) Robin Rotenberg,  Vice President Corporate Communications and Chief Communications Officer at BASF Corporation, Franlin Lakes, New Jersey
Former President, BASF Canada

“Being afforded an opportunity to work with Dennis is one of the key reasons that I chose to join the Recruitment Industry. Dennis’s reputation within the Recruitment Industry is stellar. He is regarded as a strong motivator of people, a visionary and a strategic leader. Dennis is a personable and professional leader who maintains vision of the end-result regardless of the obstacles. He is keen to develop new, innovative ways of business and committed to “wowing” the customer with exceptional service delivery. Additionally, Dennis has a keen understanding of large organization dynamics and can successfully navigate and influence executive leadership teams. I strongly endorse Dennis for any role that requires vision, political savvy, and drive for results.” January 3, 2012

Danielle – Marketing Director 

Good Morning Lisa and Happy Friday to You!!

Every morning I read your Thought of the day and often wonder if you are somehow peaking inside my thoughts as so often I relate to what you are writing and learn something new about myself through you and for that I am so grateful.  You are truly a special person who inspires so many including myself…..we are all blessed to have crossed paths with you.

Have a wonderful weekend Lisa and thanks again for all that you give of yourself to others…this world is a better place because of who you are.


Danielle 😉


Jack Cameron, Sales Manager / Senior Recruiter, New Career Solution Inc.


“Lisa is a dynamic, strategic and motivational executive coach whom I have had the pleasure of working with for over a decade. She is extremely dedicated to supporting her clients across various industries and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise in talent management, organizational strategy consulting, professional development and executive coaching. Her success is evident through the long lasting partnerships she has cultivated with many of her clients across Canada and Internationally. Lisa has and continues to be an instrumental coach and mentor to me both professionally and personally.” March 23, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Sanam Basirian, Client/Partner


“Dennis has an exceptional ability to understand not only the role but also the company culture and the management style within the organization. As a result of his ability to fully understand the requirements for success and despite the difficulty of the searches, Dennis consistently provided the highest caliber of candidates in a very short period of time. Over time, the candidates we hired from Dennis also proved to be very successful within our organization.” February 15, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Marina Lichtenberg, Client, Specialist Sr. Talent Acquisition, Canon Canada Inc.


“Utilizing Lisa Scott, Partner with Scott & Associates is truly an exceptional learning experience for any employee of any organization, regardless of position or size. Within the fifteen years I have known or contracted Scott & Associates, I rank them as one of the very top consultants in organization and people development. An “executive level communicator,” Lisa has provided Abbott Laboratories Canada, SC Johnson Canada and many other Top Tier organizations, with extensively articulate skills in the areas of team skills & development, leadership coaching, functional role / career coaching & development, as well as on-going consulting at the President / Executive Team level for overall organizational team improvements.

I highly recommend Lisa and Scott & Associates for any organization in the midst of change that requires an executive level professional who can relate to, and assist all functional areas / members of the organization to perform to their absolute highest potential.”
Robert Lesyk, Sales & Marketing Executive” March 29, 2011


 “I had the pleasure of working with Dennis and getting to know him primarily as the Chair of the Emancipation Festival in Owen Sound. In my position with the City of Owen Sound, I also had some limited contact with him when he was the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Grey-Bruce. Dennis never fails to impress as a detail-oriented and energetic organizer, with excellent leadership skills including the ability to detect and resolve problems that others have yet to perceive. He works well with people in challenging environments, especially in situations with a high degree of team spirit. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any position that calls for leadership and sensitivity.” February 21, 2012

Doug Cleverly, Business Partner, Event Facilitator, Corporation of the City of Owen Sound


“I’ve worked with Dennis for several years and I heartily recommend him and his company for a variety of reasons: He’s ethical, he’s extremely talented and creative, and he doesn’t let obstacles get in his way. He always finds a solution to even the most difficult situations, gives his all to all of his undertakings and enjoys making the world a better place. I look forward to working with him again and find his commitment to excellence second to none.” March 22, 2012″

Lisa Lee, Business Partner, Owner, Got Genealogy?


“Dennis provides an exuberant aptitude in effectively preparing personnel of all walks of life with the tools, motivation, confidence, direction and knowledge for progressive professional development.”  – Peel Board of Education


“I have hired Dennis on a number of occasions and have found his work to be exemplary. On a results basis, I have been very satisfied and no less with respect to process. In my experience, Dennis is highly intuitive and insightful. I value Dennis’ work ethic, integrity and intelligence which factor prominently in the delivery of his service. I would hire Dennis again without reservation.” February 10, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Tracy Mills, Client, hired Dennis as a Business Consultant (Coach)