Project Outsourcing

Occasionally companies optimize expenditures, confidentiality, and company progression  by contracting external specialists.  These services expedite project implementation while maintaining productivity; .  Scott & Associates offer objective consultation, program development and execution towards optimizing your overall success.

Benefits of outsourcing to Scott & Associates

Skilled Resources:

Diversified skills in entrepreneurship, business management, human resource management, strategic planning, operations management, policy & procedure development, Board of Director consulting, Executive/management and leadership coaching, staff training and project management.

Outsource conduit to specialist consultants including: Executives, finance/accounting, engineering, manufacturing, service, sales, marketing, and Human Resources.

Cost Savings:

Expedite your project start-up and execution post project evaluation and  design

Mitigate overhead and resource shortages

Accommodate “peak loads” without the expense to hire permanently

Maintain core competency, focus and activity

Improve staff competency through partnering with outsource supplier

Share the risk of new business investments and organizational transition

Competitive Advantage: 

Optimize your offering without capital or operational in-house expense such as hiring, orientation/training, ramp up, benefit plan, employer remissions, termination and severance.

Advantage “economy of scale” by obtaining expertise and capital/technology input putting you on a level playing field with larger organization’s infrastructure

Enables a larger workforce

Efficiency Improvement:

Contract what you need, when you need it

Projects are handled on-site and off-site expediting implementation

Utilize expertise and skill-sets not found internally

Supports streamlining business processes

Improves customer service with faster response times and quality resolutions

Scott & Associates In-Demand Outsourced Services include: 

Custom designed programs incorporating your mission and mandates.

Needs Analysis Consulting

Expert facilitators to deliver your training

Specialists to design, implement and execute your projects

Executive Contract Services

Performance & Psychometric Evaluation

Keynote Presentations

Executive Retreats

Hiring & Retention

Human Resource Outsourcing

Event Planning & Management

Partnering with Scott & Associates vows to meet or exceed your Project Mandates.          Please request a no-obligation consult on your next project.

“Your Success is Our Success”