Organizational Development “Transition” Programs

“a development that forms part of an ordered progression”

Scott & Associates organizational development focus is on educating and developing leaders towards the creation of highly flexible, focused and strategic work teams. Our focus is on “People Power” and we will work with you in incorporating programs and systems to facilitate organization and individual growth. “Best Practices” compliment our application of practical knowledge, experience transitioning organizations since 1985, and the understanding of the effective functioning of individuals and groups.

Customized programs may include:

Strategy Development: Multi-year, progressive strategy design, implementation, training and development

“Bridging Strategies to Outcomes”

Cultural Analysis and employee relations development

Human Resources Management, Relations and Search

Organization Policies & Procedures Development

Corporate Communications Protocol Development

Creating a Coaching Culture

Meeting Facilitation

Project Management

Professional Development Tools – Certified Lumina Consultants

Through cultural and personal inventories, Scott & Associates will help you improve efficiencies, empowering “intrapreneurship”, and better appreciating “People Power”.

We believe that people are the most important component to your

corporate and individual success.

Facilitate decision-making through promoting accountability, strategic communications and adherence to your “mission” objectives.

Our consultants and facilitators have the personal experience and interpersonal business talents to augment your project. They will assist you in effectively managing difficult issues, policies and procedures, termination, reorganization and special projects.

After a no obligation discussion and preliminary diagnosis, Scott & Associates will present a customized, strategic proposal recognizing and supporting your overall business orientation.