Leadership Development Training

We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.

Steven S. Wise

Corporate cultural issues within an organization may have a profound affect on individual managers and their teams.

Training modules provide the perspectives, and skills participants to better understand and develop an appropriate corporate culture aimed at success.

Facilitation is personal with emphasis on individual and organizational needs.

Scott & Associates will work with you to develop and implement training and development programs that meet business needs and assist employees in reaching their fullest potential.

Our professional consultants have extensive experience in designing and delivering customized training that is representative of those businesses’ unique challenges.

In addition they offer relevant business experience at all levels from a practical as well as theoretical perspective

“Utilizing Lisa Scott, Partner with Scott & Associates is truly an exceptional learning experience for any employee of any organization, regardless of position or size. Within the fifteen years I have known or contracted Scott & Associates, I rank them as one of the very top consultants in organization and people development. An “executive level communicator,” Lisa has provided Abbott Laboratories Canada, SC Johnson Canada and many other Top Tier organizations, with extensively articulate skills in the areas of team skills & development, leadership coaching, functional role / career coaching & development, as well as on-going consulting at the President / Executive Team level for overall organizational team improvements.

I highly recommend Lisa and Scott & Associates for any organization in the midst of change that requires an executive level professional who can relate to, and assist all functional areas / members of the organization to perform to absolute highest potential.”

Robert Lesyk, Coaching Client, Sales & Marketing Executive”  Director, Retail Sales, March 29, 2011