Recruitment & Training Management

Scott & Associates have over 40 years combined experience within the Search Industry. Our history covers startup, training and development, operations, statistical analysis, sales and marketing within the Search and Executive Staffing markets.

Our focus has consistently been towards quality development of all recruitment operations with a “Win, Win” objective. Our programs are customized to meet client requirements. Where applicable, Scott & Associates will develop procedural manuals for ongoing internal training and operational development.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of:

  • Modern methods of maximizing time, resources and business relations     development,
  • Thorough, interactive, educational and inspirational implementation of procedures towards an improved bottom-line,
  • Improved intercommunications and teamwork,
  • Individualized appreciation of skills competencies,
  • Developing a roadmap towards objectives, and
  • Improved client relations with increased business development opportunities.


A few of the many programs available are as follows:
  • ·    The Recruiter’s Strategy for Success
  • ·    Appreciating the Recruitment Profession
  • ·    The Client Relationship
  • ·    Presentation Skills
  • ·    Consultative Sales
  • ·     Partnering with Centers of Influence
  • ·    Client Education & Development
  • ·    Sales Strategies
  • ·    Maximizing Your Input



Development of Personal & Operational Recruitment Tools

Business Appreciation of the Recruitment Profession and Incumbent Client Benefits

Team Development                   Self Recognition & Appreciation

Increased Prosperity & Profitability

We are confident that you will find Scott & Associates’ Recruit Development Programs exceptionally progressive, inspiring, motivating and productive. We can customize these programs to meet your most urgent requirements and accommodate any size group. Please call one of our Consultants to establish a meeting and discuss further, how we may be of benefit towards your corporate mandates.

 “Being afforded an opportunity to work with Dennis is one of the key reasons that I chose to join the Recruitment Industry. Dennis’s reputation within the Recruitment Industry is stellar. He is regarded as a strong motivator of people, a visionary and a strategic leader. Dennis is a personable and professional leader who maintains vision of the end-result regardless of the obstacles. He is keen to develop new, innovative ways of business and committed to “wowing” the customer with exceptional service delivery. Additionally, Dennis has a keen understanding of large organization dynamics and can successfully navigate and influence executive leadership teams. I strongly endorse Dennis for any role that requires vision, political savvy, and drive for results.”” January 3, 2012

Jack Cameron, Sales Manager / Senior Recruiter, New Career Solution Inc.