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 Your words reflect what you believe about your future, they provide the world a window into your level of self confidence and self love.  Sometimes it is better to say nothing. Silence is the ultimate power… is after all one of the hardest arguments to dispute.  There are people who always find the bad in a situation; we all know people like that, they are complainers and how many successful complainers do you know? The people who always find the negative, seldom find anything else. We need filters on our thoughts, words, and our written communication…..filters that actually serve us by ensuring that we communicate with warmth, kindness and understanding. The best time to hold your tongue is when you feel you must say something because in that moment what is going to come out of you is pure emotion and that may be something you regret. Iyanla Vanzant observed “Stand confidently in your power. It does not serve you or the world for you to behave as if you are powerless. You have gifts. You have the gift of intellect. You can think yourself into and out of any situation with which you are confronted. You can defend yourself, promote yourself, encourage yourself, teach yourself and correct yourself. You can create beauty with your words or doom and gloom… You are powerful, now why not act like it?”


Lisa Scott

Scott & Associates Consulting Group

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