Thought for the Day ~ Be in tune with your Soul

Always do your best………move beyond your fears and judgments into the loving strength and power that is your truth.  Intention matters, because our actions follow our intentions, and with awareness we can make sure that they are aligned with one another.  Our inside operations and thinking govern how we approach other people and to a large extent, our approach and expectations determine how people respond to us.  We all have energy and people can read it, feel it, and see it.  That energy almost walks into a room ahead of us, like a calling card that announces our intentions  If our intentions are pure and designed to bring joy, then that is what we will inspire.

So we must be in tune with our own soul….because our life truly is a reflection of us.  Everything that is coming at you from out there, is coming to show you where you need to heal your own soul.  Because it is impossible to connect with the people around you at a soul level if you have not connected to your own soul.  The ego will urge you to keep striving, to accomplish, to fill yourself up with things….while the soul, merely asks you to enjoy the process.  So find the richness within each interaction and experience that you have, and savour the sweetness.  Your life is meant to bring you sweet enjoyment, even as you’re fulfilling your purpose and other responsibilities. Be open to the joy that comes from living life at a soulful level.

Gary Zukav said “When you release the wants of your personality in order to accommodate and encourage others, you attune yourself to that person’s soul.  When in your daily interactions with others, you can see someone else from a soul level, you can feel their need for love and support. When you look beyond what you think about someone, it is easy to see the truth. We are all here in this life to help each other grow into our greatness.  Remember you are learning to see everyone through the eyes of love and truth.”

By Lisa Scott – Executive Coach