Thought for the Day

Love unconditionally…….and love people for who they are in the moment.  With this awareness and some practice, we can see everyone as new in the present moment.  Ego will instruct you to hold grudges, to relive the wrongs, to punish people for their choices of the past. It will keep you in a prison of your own making where the pains of the past continue to hurt you.  Your heart space will tell you to forgive….to release yourself from the hope that things could have gone any differently.  In this way we are able to renew the love in our hearts and set ourselves free.  Because keeping the moral high ground will taste a thousand times better than revenge ever would.


No matter how rough life gets you must make a promise to yourself to take that high road.  That means making the choice when people treat you badly to exit graciously.  Your moral compass will guide you to behave honestly, decently, kindly, forgivingly, and nicely, no matter the provocation.   Your words and manners will be impeccable.  With this commitment to unconditional love for yourself and others you will find a quiet path that encourages your authenticity and open heart….armed with these you will find a life filled with love.  Quiet your mind and listen to its infinite wisdom, opting for harmonious solutions.  When others experience you at peace they will be reminded of the value of tranquility and loving unconditionally.  Love is omnipresent.


Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “Loving everyone unconditionally, including ourselves is the key to peace.  Yet we often find it easier to practice unconditional love with strangers than with members of our own family….and that includes ourselves. Why is that?  One reason is that with those closest to us, we carry the baggage of “wrongs” from the past and project them into now.  With strangers there is no baggage from the past, no emotional hooks to distract us from experiencing perfect love.  When we are ready, it allows the opportunity to heal the wounds that divide us.  Loving ourselves unconditionally allows us to accept the truth that we may not be ready to forgive and let go.  Respect starts with ourselves.”


By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach