Thought for the Day

Always do your best……….we all need to tap into that place of peace inside of us.  The place that seems to hold us together so that we might meet another day.  The place that nurtures our wounds and although we are changed, points us towards our future.  We cannot make that place disappear and some days the more we try to ignore it; the more it will prevail as it wants us to heal.  It wants us to honour the person who is still standing and with good reason.  No matter the life experience, we have come through, we are here and there is more for us to do.  But first we must walk the internal path that leads to peace and that journey always begins within.

That path will lead us to an honest conversation with ourselves.  When you can tap into emotion instead of logic you will always have a more robust conversation when it comes to matters of the heart.  Those things that weigh heavily on us, whether through grief, disappointment, or our own inactivity need our loving attention.  The goal is to be in a constant state of spiritual growth.  This will not happen if we don’t visit the “ruins” and tap into the place that knows.  You are a product of all that your life has given you and while the light dims at times, it can glow brightly again.  Today find peace in your walk through the ruins……feel the sunlight, feel the love, and just be. The most beautiful things in the world reveal themselves slowly. So don’t worry about the future. Focus on accomplishing what’s right in front of you right now.

Toko-pa said “There is a ruins in each of us. A place where what once was lives on like an echo, haunting the landscape of our lives with its weathered foundations. Abandoned, scavenged, and dismantled by time, the ruin is the holiest place in our heart. It is the ways in which we have been broken that have earned us a standpoint. It is in our life’s absences that a wild longing is born. This place that has been ruined is a temple in which to worship, to throw down our grief and our forgetting, and praise what remains. After all, these remains are the evidence of how greatly we have loved and should be venerated as the legacy of survival that they are.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach