Thought for the Day

Always do your best……..leave space in your life.  At times our lives are so full of things, people, and responsibilities, we barely have time to breathe.  Intellectually we know that our pot boils over but we just keep adding ingredients in the hopes that it will eventually make a great meal.  In essence we keep trying to create clarity out of chaos. We tell ourselves that if we just hold on tightly to what we know, things will get better.  Life usually doesn’t cooperate with this plan.  So we need to physically and mentally take a step back and ask ourselves……..what am I holding on to….that no longer serves me? What dreams do I think about and then tuck them away for another day? 

 What situation do I say to myself, better to stay with what I know, then to venture out into the unknown?  How much have the things that need attention in your life….commanded your attention?  We have to let the light in; we have to clear the rooms, clear our hearts, and clear our minds.  Clarity precedes mastery; and it reminds us that life can’t always be sunshine, because just like plants, people need a little rain to grow.  We need space, to allow a sliver of light in and then gradually the sun rises in our lives again and we can claim that new part of us and live on.  There is an unburdening effect that comes from pruning your life. As long as you stay where you are, you will just find ways to defend your position.  Clutter overwhelms you emotionally; so clear it out, let it go, and create space so that your heart and soul can soar to the heights they were meant to.

Rebecca Campbell said “If we fill up our lives right to the brim, then there is no space for the new to come in.  If your life is cluttered, the universe has nowhere to deliver the new things that you are praying for.  Doing a regular de-clutter of your life can help  let go of the things that no longer serve you, making way for the new.  As you throw away old boxes from the past, you are also letting go of old thought patterns, and fears.  When we hold on tightly to the things around us, we are so busy clinging on that we are unable to catch the things that are coming straight for us.  So, If you weren’t afraid of something not taking its place, what would you let go of?”

 By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach