Thought for the Day

Take care of yourself…….when you are hurting.  There are many things that can hurt us in life. At times if may even feel like we are getting more than our fair share of pain and misery.  During these times we want the people we care about to understand those feelings.  But it is virtually impossible for them to fully understand what you are going through.  They can empathize with you.  They can tell you how sorry they are; they may even try to build you up by shining their light.  They just don’t know what they don’t know and so it seems like they don’t understand you and what you are going through in your life in that moment. Sometimes in life, we become attached to how we think our life will go. 

We have a vision for it and when life takes a turn that we weren’t expecting, we have to grieve what we have lost.  The life we thought we would have, has changed and with that, we must change too. Letting go in life is so very difficult; that is why we say that each person must take their own personal journey.  You won’t be alone, but you will have to take responsibility for your own well being. What can make you crazy is trying to live up to the expectations of those around you.  Be your own counsel, listen to your heart and it’s pain with loving kindness and then allow the universe to work in the perfect way that it knows best. Have patience, it will give you the space to generate your own circumstances. This is the way home, the way to peace, through love of self.

Iyanla Vanzant said “When you are hurting, it may seem that other people do not notice or that they do not care. They never seem able to recognize the depth of your misery or discomfort.  You want them to see and feel what you are going through so that they can stop it. You conclude that they don’t care and this sends you deeper into the very thing you are trying desperately to escape.  You cannot force someone else to see you pain. Your pain is your pain. It is the result of what you are telling yourself about yourself, about others, about situations or circumstances. It is not necessary for anyone to see, know or understand that you are hurting.  You know.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach