Thought for the Day

Always do your best……….you are not a product of what happens to you, you are a product of your choices.  We live in a largely reactive world. We react to the weather, to each other, and to our constantly changing world. The problem with setting your default to reactive… then we become the victims of circumstance.  We give our power away to places, people, and things. So to live our best life, we must remind ourselves often that it is our choices that create our experience. You choose to react negatively to a bad weather day.  You allow a person to define you and get under your skin. The life you are living is all about the choices you are making. Given this reality we must make more conscious choices that allow us to stand in our power. 

Standing in your power and being committed to doing so, allows you to withstand life’s tosses and turns.  It gives stability and brings harmony when we stop ourselves from reacting to every little thing that happens. To illustrate how frequently this occurs; walk with awareness today. Be mindful of where your emotions and your reactions take you when stuff happens. Observe how your moods move up and down the continuum of emotions depending on what you are experiencing. At these times you can pro-actively decide that you will not allow yourself to become the victim of circumstance.  You will recognize the value of not taking things personally and although this will be difficult at first, it will ultimately give you back your personal power. We are not powerless, unless we choose to believe we are. Victim or Victory….the choice is yours.

Stephen R. Covey said “Don’t you feel better when the weather outside is great? But what if you could carry your own weather within you.  When you carry your weather within you, you can choose to be consistent regardless of how people treat you. That’s what it means to carry your own weather, to be proactive. Being reactive is the opposite of being proactive.  Being reactive is not taking responsibility for your own life.  You always see yourself as a victim of the weather, of your moods, of someone who has it in for you. We have the power and the freedom to choose.  We have the power to create our own weather each day.  What will you choose?”

By Lisa Scott ~ Certified Executive/Life Coach

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