Thought for the Day

Today’s Challenge – Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for….and remind yourself of them often.

Begin each day with gratitude…… a Coach I often encourage my clients to begin and end each day with gratitude. It helps to centre us,  and it keeps us anchored in the present moment. Gratitude reminds us to be thankful for all the things that most days, we take for granted. Things like waking up to another glorious day; breathing in the freshness of life, having good friends and family to nurture us on our journey, and good health so that we can be strong and enjoy our lives. When we can begin the day with gratitude for these things then we can set our intentions for the day.

Setting our intention, allows us to put good energy into the day and then send it out ahead of us. You have to decide to be joyful. Joy is not something that comes to us, it is something we claim when we remember to be grateful for all of life’s blessings. This is not to say that there won’t be some sadness and times when you will go into the valley of life. But you will never enjoy the peaks if you cannot navigate the valleys. Sometimes our life is like a book, the chapters will repeat themselves…..until you turn the page. So go ahead, want it all, just learn to be happy before it arrives or you may not recognize it when it does. This morning take five minutes in peace, to complete the sentence…..I am so very grateful that…………because your life is beautiful right now. You know that right?

Therese Dorer said “I encourage you to embrace this ancient teaching and knowledge to support you at this time on Earth. Each morning when you rise, give thanks for the new day and offer your prayers of gratitude for what you have and what you are willing to receive. This will bring you into the present and provide you with the opportunity to be still, unencumbered by feelings of lack and frustration that may surface during the day. Gratitude will support you.”

By Lisa Scott Certified Executive/Life Coach