Thought for the Day

Always do your best…….go out into the world with love.  Ever watch children play…..they cherish every moment, and they are grateful for all that comes their way.  They can spend hours playing in boxes because they live in the moment and love every minute.  They are love, they can feel love, and they give love.  They can sense when you are negative, or sad, and they nurture you with kisses and kindness.  That inner child survives, even if he or she is buried beneath the layers of life that have ensued into adulthood.  That inner child can return if you summon them….and they return when you remember to love life.

You see the person who finds the negative, seldom finds anything else.  The more you complain, the less you will obtain.  Complaining sets our frequency to a negative position and goodness cannot find its way to us, if our thoughts don’t summon it. We cannot achieve anything beyond the scope of what we believe is possible.  So we must go from looking at what we can see, to believing what we can have.  Like children we must cherish our dreams and hopes.  We must follow our internal compass,  and use our natural abilities to live our best life. We betray our inner child when we devote our whole lives to fields of endeavour that have nothing to do with our gifts and talents.  When you take a clear look and honest inventory of your present day, you will know that you have the natural power to address everything that comes your way.  With the love and trust of a child….everything falls into place, as innocence outshines darkness. 

Rhonda Byrne said “When you were a little child, you were flexible and fluid because you had not formed or accepted as many negative beliefs about life.  As you got older, you took on more feelings of limitation and negativity, which caused you to become more  set in your ways and less flexible.  This is not an amazing life; this is a limited life.  The more you love, the more the force of love will melt away the negativity in your body and mind. And you can feel love melting away everything negative when you’re happy, grateful, and joyful.  You can feel it.  You feel light, you feel invincible, and you feel on top of the world.  Miracles in life are created by turning away from negativity and focusing on love.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach