Thought for the Day

Always do your best…… mindful. Being a connected and caring human being is part of great leadership. We all lead in some way; some lead in corporations, some in schools, some in life, in politics, some in our institutions, and others lead without title. For each of us there is a path; one that we will walk as we work to become the best version of ourselves. Vital to that journey is the recognition that when we lead with both head and heart we engage people at the highest level. Connect with someone intellectually and they will be intrigued and show interest, connect with their heart and they will show their commitment every day. Remember, you cannot get from other’s what you do not give.

That is why the greatest attributes that a leader can consciously develop are humility and will. Humility allows us to be realistic and grounded. It teaches us to shine the light on the achievements of others, and to take responsibility when things don’t go according to plan. Humility is honest and so it can tell the truth and yet give people hope. It encourages a culture of learning, one where people feel free to challenge, to give their honest opinion without fear of reprisal. When a leader can show their own vulnerability then their team feels confident about doing the same…..and when that same leader possesses the will to achieve results, then it seems like anything is possible…..and it is.

John Maxwell said “You can’t be an effective leader by keeping people at arm’s length. You can’t mentor them if you aren’t close to them. You can’t add value if you don’t know what they value. And they won’t ever go the extra mile for a leader who doesn’t care about them. Changing your heart toward people is a choice. You must decide to love people and be authentic and vulnerable with them. You must choose to let them into your life so that you can add value to them and they can add value to you. Once you have been a part of a team in which people give not just their minds but also their hearts, you won’t ever want to go back. You’ll always want to be open with people.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach