Thought for the Day

Spend time in nature……there is nothing more restorative than a walk in the woods.  A walk helps to refresh our energy, brings a new perspective, increases focus, while stress and fear diminish. A walk keeps us grounded and reminds us of our true purpose. Sometimes we wear our busyness like a medal as we proudly declare that we have been in back to back meetings, we tell the world how we have no time for anything but work and running from one family activity to another. We promise ourselves that we will take a moment to have lunch with a friend or to get to the gym once this week…..and everything we say tells the story of our life. The story of how we have moved our own wellness and well being far down the priority list…..we need to practice extreme self-care and then we can be there for all the people and circumstance that compete for our time. What it really comes down to is; look at your calendar and you are looking at your priorities……your calendar is your record of what you hold most important and if you aren’t scheduling “me time” then you are running on adrenalin which of course is not sustainable……… Leonardo da Vinci observed “Through the window of the eye,  the soul regards the world’s beauty……who would believe that a small scene of nature could contain the images of the universe.”