Thought for the Day

Today’s Challenge…..Use your mindfulness to heal a relationship that needs it.

What relationship needs healing? Where is there conflict between you and someone else, that would benefit from you parking your ego, and just listening to understand? Where are you holding on to your perspective, instead of seeking out the truth of both sides? These are the signs that life sends us when relationships need healing. They are presented to us through our circumstances and the experiences that we have with people. In these moments, use your mindfulness to understand your next steps. Ensure that you are not going down the same path each time. That the same short movie isn’t replaying over and over each time you engage with that person.

When you struggle with someone; it is the time to be about ten times more magnanimous than you believe yourself capable of being with that person. When they’re being them, you can still be you. You can model strong leadership. You can seek to understand things from their perspective, and even if you don’t agree on everything, the relationship will be better because of it. Today be the observer of your thoughts, your interactions, and the effect you create and remember, you have the free will to make new choices every day. When you do not feed your negativity about a person…you will find common ground with the realization that tranquillity is within you, and when you honour it, your relationships flourish.

Stephen Covey said “To be effective leaders in life, we need to sacrifice our pride and seek humility. That’s the nature of the sacrifice required today – the sacrifice of ego. We need to enter into our relationships with each other with a spirit of mutual respect. Leaders compete against no one but themselves. They choose not to be offended by their adversary, instead they listen with empathy. In this way they enlarge their own perspective, and they might find that empathy can diffuse conflict.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach