Thought for the Day

Always do your best……lean into your vulnerability. There is a lesson that is best learned early in our life. The lesson of authenticity. Because stress develops when we have our mask on; when the person who goes out into the world every day isn’t being authentic. The greater the gap between who you are authentically, and who you show to the world every day, the greater your stress. We are wired for connection, and engagement, and communication. When these are absent from our life experience we feel more vulnerable and compelled to put the mask on where we perceive we will be safe. The reality is that we must learn how to lean into the discomfort of hard emotions. The mask has to come off.

We must figure out what we’re feeling and why it feels wrong. Then we need to act on it. On days where the world is swirling around you; and you feel overwhelmed. Ask yourself if I was 5% more courageous, what would I do now to return to my authentic self? Each time that you reclaim your authenticity,  and allow yourself to feel vulnerable.  You will build your personal strength. So be brave, take the mask off, and do three things today that symbolize your authenticity. Take those steps towards freedom, and the peace that prevails when we are truly showing the world who we are. Be present, be authentic, that is where your power resides and never forget to live your life, according to the light that is within you.

Brene Brown said “As children we found ways to protect ourselves from vulnerability, from being hurt, diminished, and disappointed. We put on armour; we used our thoughts, emotions, and behaviour as weapons; and we learned how to make ourselves scarce, or invisible. Now as adults we realize that to live with courage, purpose, and connection – to be the person whom we long to be, we must take off the armour, put down the weapons, show up, and let ourselves be seen.” 

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach