Thought for the Day

Learn to let go………holding on to intense emotions is draining.  At times we confuse forgiveness and the act of letting go as if doing so somehow says, everything that happened is ok.  The art of letting go is one we must work at throughout our lives.  Acceptance of our current circumstances and the inherent truth must be part of how we heal.  You cannot move forward with any success if you have not accepted the present moment and all the joy, lessons, and pain that may reside in them.  Choosing to hold onto painful feelings is like giving them permission to reoffend you over and over.

The art of letting go is in fact a way for you to exercise forgiveness.  It is a way to take back your personal power and to make choices that honour you, and keep your dignity intact.  Forgiveness simply says – I am giving up the hope that things could go any differently in this situation.  I am worthy of  loving experiences where reciprocity is alive and well.  So don’t bury those feelings, for feelings buried never die.  Take the time to put your life into perspective…..for while obstacles can temporarily derail you, they don’t need to define you.  Look for the possibilities and the opportunities that are presented when we let things go. That is when the healing can truly begin…..with acceptance we can send our feelings gently on their way.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “Sometimes we can’t fix what has been broken.  The act of surrender is accepting the truth.  This can be very difficult to do when our grief is so strong that it won’t let us see any other possibility.  Be gentle with yourself in these moments.  Nothing is gained by denying your feelings, forcing them into your subconscious.  Remember that you have to feel your emotions and honour them for them to pass.  If we look deeply into any situation that appears to be broken, we can see nothing is ever really lost.  It may take time, but as our emotions subside, we can begin to see the different possibilities still present for us.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach