Thought for the Day

Always do your best……..listen to the part of you that believes in what is possible.  Our narrators are always competing for air time.  Born out of an ancient part of our DNA we are programmed to either take flight or fight.  At times your thoughts will be clamouring in your mind for attention.  One thought will present the risks and incite fear……another thought will be encouraging you to leave the safe harbour and head out into the ocean of life.  Listen to the part of you that believes in possibility.

Because impossibility thinking will guarantee that you remain stuck with your fears.  Wisdom teaches us that our heart knows what our head cannot acknowledge.  So what is it that your heart knows that your mind refuses to allow you to act on?  What do you know deep in your inner being that must come out into the light of day? What events, people, or places have brought you to the edge of the precipice? Act on those now.  Fear will prevent you from living your best life.  Pushing through that fear, will bring you to your next level of greatness.  Listen, you know what you have to do.

Robin Sharma said “It’s always darkest before dawn.  A time comes in everyone’s life when they have to play at the edges and take some big chances. A time comes for every seeker, when he or she knows, deep down in the heart, that refusing to take the risk will resign him or her to a life of mediocrity.  But making the leap, though it involves great fear along with great courage, will allow them to travel to a whole new land.  A land of potential, happiness and freedom.  Go deep and listen to the inner voice within you.  Then trust its guidance.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive/Life Coach