Thought for the Day

When you speak you drive your brand……..every word, every sentence, drives people’s perception of who you are. Being impeccable with our words can sound deceptively simple. It’s not. It is something we must consciously work on every day, probably for the rest of our lives. For it is too easy to slip into the habit of complaining, or labelling, or speaking about others in a way that denigrates their character. While we may understand that references to race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and gender are not ok. We somehow give ourselves permission to talk about people indiscriminately when they aren’t in the room. We conveniently forget the implications of doing that habitually.

Those implications can wreak havoc with our personal brand and how people perceive us. Because our brand is driven by what people experience when they are in our company. So if we are always referencing someone who isn’t in the room, in a derogatory way, then it is easy to understand how people may lose trust in us. They may believe that if we speak negatively about someone when they aren’t present, then we will do the same to them. So we must become more conscious of how we speak about and reference others. Reminding ourselves that ignorance speaks about people and intellect speaks about the issues. Today, be impeccable with your words. Feel how you change the energy around you when you are mindful. We will always find what we look for, so look for the best in others and yourself.

Robin Sharma said “Would you really want to live in a world where everyone looked, acted, and thought exactly as you do. It would be a pretty boring place. To live a happier, more peaceful life, begin to see that the richness in our society comes from its diversity. What makes relationships, and communities great are not the things we have in common, but the differences that make us unique. Often, we perceive in others the weaknesses we most need to address within ourselves. Stop blaming and condemning. Accept complete responsibility for the way things are and resolve to work on changing yourself before seeking to change others. “

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach