Thought for the Day ~ Make kindness your Default

Today’s challenge, no complaints, and bring a smile wherever you go……ok go.

Always do your best………make kindness your default.  There are angels among us… know those people who go out of their way to be kind, compassionate and caring.  They seem to have an intuition that lets them know where they need to bring a little love and they live each day by paying it forward.  They are the people who always bring a smile to each interaction and engagement, and they bring it straight from their heart.  We all deserve respect and kindness and to give it consistently builds our own capacity to give of ourselves in service. Because you grow to the extent that you give out and by giving you create more room to grow on the inside.

People tend to respond in kind with how they are treated.  If you treat a person as they are, they will remain the same.  If you treat them as if they were what they could be, they can become what they could be.  So let people hear the good things you say about them.  Search for the good in people, draw out their talents and abilities.  To lead people, let them know you are behind them.  To engage with people leave them better than you found them.  What we pursue in this life for ourselves, dies with us; what we do for others is timeless.  No one is more deceived or cheated than a selfish person… for honour comes with what you gave in life, not from what you made.

Robin Sharma said “Everyone who enters your life has a lesson to teach and a story to tell.  Every person you pass during the moments that make up your days represents an opportunity to show a little more of the compassion and courtesy that define your humanity.  Why not start being more of the person you truly are during your days and doing what you can to enrich the world around you?  In my mind if you make even one person smile during your day or brighten the mood of even one stranger, your day has been a worthwhile one.  Kindness quite simply is the rent we must pay for the space we occupy on this planet.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive Life Coach