Thought for the day ~ By Lisa Scott

Thought for the day…….
Good Morning,
Happy Thursday. Remember to start each day with gratitude. Have an awesome day.

Embrace your inner child………when we were children we went out into the world everyday and we were excited and grateful for the magic of just being. We rarely if ever judged others, we picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off when we fell and we didn’t let little things affect our whole day, we were brilliant at living in the moment.

Along the way as we grew, we were taught to fear, we may have been told what we could and could not accomplish and at some point we began to form beliefs about ourselves and what was possible based on the opinions of our parents, teachers, and families. The child in us still believes we can achieve great things but those beliefs are buried beneath the new agreements that we have been given as we have matured.

As adults the need to be liked and accepted is ultimately a reflection of what needs to be healed in us. The shift that we must all make is to move our attention from the outside world to our inner being because when we return to loving ourselves then everything else works.

Robin Sharma said “There’s not a soul on the planet who doesn’t have some fear that limits him/her from realizing their truest potential. The very condition of being human is one of imperfection and much of this imperfection arises due to the fears we have picked up as we have left the perfection of our original nature and traveled out into the world.”