Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott

Good Morning,

Say what you mean, and mean what you say……….and always be impeccable with your words.   Use compassionate words that will preserve people’s self-esteem.  Give specific feedback that will help people to make the appropriate changes needed to enhance their life experience.  How you communicate, how you phrase things, the words you choose, whether you consider the impact of your communications will say so much about you and it drives your legacy. 

There is nothing that will contribute more to the quality of your relationships than your communication style and skill. Similarly the words and messages you give to yourself write on the slate of who you become, so be impeccable with your words.  Respect your spirit and work consciously to always lift yourself up. Learn to listen to your natural intuition, your first impressions, your niggling doubts……when we respect that we are truly living authentically.

Then take a look at the people around you,  and at the quality of your communications with those people….there is a lesson in every relationship that we have, whether good or bad.  The challenging relationships provide us with lessons and personal insight into our choices and decisions. The great ones are indicative of you when you are at your best, so what are the qualities of your communications that contribute to those outstanding relationships? What is that makes you want to do your best? 

Iyanla Vanzant observed “The greatest service you can offer is…open, honest, caring, communication.  Communication is more than just talking. Communication is interaction between souls that serves a higher purpose. It is a process though which we learn to be authentic and to trust the wisdom of our own hearts. Communication is also a process in which we learn to trust as we learn that we can be trusted.”