Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott

Good Morning,

Strive for balance in your life……..success comes from the paradoxical combination of personal humility and professional will.  It is easy to see what drives an individual by looking at what they channel their ambition into……the ego based leader puts their focus on having control, driving their own ideas, and elevating themselves; when humility and will are the drivers people place their focus on working for the greater good.

When you lead with humility and will you set up those who will be the successors for more greatness, you take responsibility for poor results and you share success with everyone,  you are a catalyst for leading change and driving results. To achieve balance we must have the will to win, a resolve to pursue ambitious goals, and we must lead and guide with humility. No matter what the cause is….we will achieve so much more if we can focus our energy on fixing the issue at hand rather than using fear or blame as our tools to move others forward.

Robin Sharma said “There is something special about being in the presence of a person who is genuinely humble.  Practicing humility shows that you respect others and reminds us that there is so much for us yet to learn.  It sends a signal to those around you that you are open to receiving the gift of their knowledge and listening to what they have to say. The more you are as a person, the less you need to prove yourself to others.”