Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott

Good Morning,

Make a promise to yourself………don’t judge others. Ever find yourself saying that people should know better, they should be making different choices, they should be doing something a different way? Well every time that you use the word should then you are passing judgment and this can very quickly become a pattern in our lives.

Critiquing people, their motivations, their process,  and setting yourself up as the authority of what is right and wrong are all part of a judgmental disposition that if you are not careful becomes an attitude of superiority. Ultimately judgment is a means of control, it is an attempt to impose your will so that you can build yourself up while you take others down.

So examine your conversations with people…….are they about other people or are they about issues, situations, and circumstances? When we sit in judgment of others we are acting out of fear and discontent with our own lives. Judgment serves as a distraction for what we must do for ourselves.  Dr Wayne Dyer said  “True inner serenity will always elude those who sit in judgment, since they use up their life energy in anger at what is.”