Thought for the day – By Lisa Scott


Good Morning,

Happy Friday! Have an awesome day and a great weekend, and leave people better than you found them.


Always do your best…… a great friend, a trusted associate, and a loving family member. We do not have a single purpose in this life, we are meant to live, learn, and grow throughout our lives and we do that by ensuring the diversity of our experience. If we are focused only on our career, or only our families, then we become one dimensional and we close the door to an abundant of opportunities. If we become too self-centred then we miss out on a myriad of experiences,  and all the magic that can happen when you go out into the world to make it a better place.

Most people will place their focus on the end goal, the payoff, the result, that somehow misses the mark when we look at the bigger picture. The real value of setting and achieving our goals lies not in what you receive, but in the person you become as a result of reaching your goals. While the results we achieve are great motivators, it is the path you take that creates a kind of serendipity, and most importantly an opportunity to continue becoming a better person. Robin Sharma said “Build human connections. Dedicate yourself to deepening your bonds with the people around you.  Focus on helping others achieve their dreams and be more concerned with selfless service rather than self -gratification. You’re here to enrich this world, and you betray yourself once you forget this truth.”