Thought for the day ~ By Lisa Scott

Good Morning,

Listen to your heart…….it knows what your head cannot or will not acknowledge. Your heart is strong and it will look after you if you look after it. Recalling how your heart has served you allows you to remember in critical times that when you think your heart cannot withstand it, it can.  When you believe that your heart doesn’t know something, it does.  Your heart is part of your natural intuition and it knows when something doesn’t feel right, it knows when people show you who they really are, and it presents an opportunity to make a choice to be involved or not be involved and this is what preserves our heart.

There are moments when what we know is changing, when what we believed in is not worthy, and at those times it is so important not to give in to the fear, anger, disappointment and resentment. We must use our faith and the power of forgiveness to ensure that our heart stays strong. This is the way we build our hearts capacity to sustain us throughout our lives. Don Miguel Ruiz observed “The best moments of your life are when you are authentic, when you are being yourself. When you are in your creation and you are doing what you love to do, you become what you really are again. You are not thinking in that moment; you are expressing. Your emotions are coming out and you feel great.”