Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Pay attention to how you live………because every decision you make, every moment of communication is driving your personal brand. Do you walk with that awareness, do you think about the wake that follows you as a result of how you engage people and circumstances in your day to day.  To gain awareness of yourself, think often of what it is like to work with you, what impact you are creating in the lives of those around you, and most importantly think about whether you leave people better than you find them, or worse.

Are you paying attention to what you say?  What you mean? And to what you expect once you speak your mind?  Have you thought about how much you smile…..what you put your attention on and how you motivate those around you to deliver on your expectations.  Are you listening to what life is saying to you?  Or are you mindlessly missing the details of who you are and how it makes others feel.  Today imagine spending the day with you and edit where you need to…… consciously and no matter what – treat people well.

Robin Sharma said “It is important to remember that just as our words are our thoughts verbalized, so our deeds are our beliefs actualized.  No action, no matter how small is insignificant – how we treat someone defines how we treat everyone, including ourselves.  If we disrespect another, we disrespect ourselves.  If we are mistrustful of others, we are distrustful of ourselves.  If we are cruel to another, we will be cruel to ourselves.  If we can’t appreciate those around us, we won’t appreciate ourselves. With every person we engage, in everything we do, we must be kinder than expected, more generous than anticipated, more positive than we thought possible.  Every moment in front of another human being is an opportunity to express our highest values and to influence someone with our humanity.  We can make the world better, one person at a time.”