Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach


Authenticity matters……….the farther you move away from living your authentic life, the more stress you will experience.  Pain, and unhappiness are warnings that something is out of order.  If we have to push ourselves to do things, if we feel like the story of our life, is not the story we want to tell, then we need to acknowledge that we must  return to our authentic selves.  Authenticity allows us to be at one with who we are, it allows our story to unfold naturally, from our heart, and fueled by our truth. 

To find our way back to authenticity we must be devoted to identifying and eliminating the situations and people that cause us pain.  While a little pain will show up to sharpen our awareness and fine tune our truth……a lot of pain is saying something quite different, it is saying this isn’t natural, pay attention to your life.  Most failures come from people who have made a habit of making excuses, so don’t make excuses, make progress. Healing begins with awareness….and awareness returns us to authenticity, truth, and our power.

Don Miguel Ruiz said “The truth is not in the story.  The truth is in the power that creates the story.  The truth is the real you; it’s your own integrity, and nobody can guide you to that place.  Only you can take yourself there.  When the voice of knowledge becomes the voice of integrity, you return to the truth, you return to love, you return to heaven, and live in happiness again. Life is the only truth; it is the force that is creating all the time.  When you see this force in yourself, and you put your faith in this force, you are truly alive.”