Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…….and take care of yourself.  At times we push ourselves….we are busy being busy, and we forget how to find stillness and peace.  Self care is paramount to your long term success and it is the best way to demonstrate love for yourself. Self care involves surrounding yourself with people who are smart, self-aware and interested in a two-way relationship.  It means taking the time to read, reflect, and learn from the masters whose work resonates with you.  Self-care means that we take the time to apply what we learn so that we are always evolving from the inside out.

Your world and the people in it are showing you what frequency you are on……the evidence is speaking to you through them and the circumstances and events that you experience. So often we strive to bring peace by trying to manage our outer world….when the answers are within us. Our unhappiness ultimately arises not from our circumstances but from the conditioning of our mind.  If we go with ego…then we will seek to oppose, resist, and exclude…..when we know ourselves inwardly, we are at one with who we are and how we are.  Because the goal is to be able to find peace….even when our outer world is chaotic.   

Stephen R. Covey said “If you organize your family life to spend even ten or fifteen minutes a morning reading something that  connects you with timeless principles.  It’s almost guaranteed that you will make better choices during the day – in the family, on the job, in every dimension of life.  Your thoughts will be higher.  Your interactions will be more satisfying.  You will have great perspective.  You will increase that space between what happens to you and your response to it.  You will be more connected to what matters most.”