Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Confront what you resist……..everyone has been visited by fear.  Fear to take the next step in a tough situation, fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, or the fear of failure.  That one emotion can paralyse us and stop us from stepping into our best life……it can also be the catalyst for great change.   If we are willing to take our fears out of the darkness of our minds and into the daylight, then we can walk directly toward them and begin to confront what we resist and own our fear before it owns us. Wishing and hoping cannot bring us closer to our destiny……for our life holds no greater promise than that of steadfast commitment.

It is said that our heart knows what our mind cannot acknowledge… we must examine the content of our hearts to really be true to ourselves.  We must acknowledge what we fear, and what we can’t seem to master and take the first bold steps towards changing the things that are holding us from realizing our potential.  The mind can be the most exquisite thing or it can be like a prison….one of our own making where we hold ourselves back from our personal greatness.  While we point fingers at life, circumstance, and people…..we are the holders of the key to the kingdom…..and we must honour that place in us that says “no I can’t” with the words of freedom…..”yes I can.”  What fear will you set free today?

Robin Sharma said “It’s always darkest before dawn.  A time comes in everyone’s life when they have to play at the edges and take some big chances.  A time comes for every seeker where he or she knows, deep down in the heart, that refusing to take the risk will resign them to a life of mediocrity.  But making the leap, though it involves great fear along with great courage, will allow them to travel to a whole new land.  A land of potential, happiness and freedom.  Go deep and listen to the inner voice within you.  Then trust in its guidance.”