Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Self actualizing matters……..everyone needs to learn how to step back from themselves and assess their intentions, their actions and the impact that they create.  Without doubt the greatest leaders of our time knew the value of evaluating their work, their communications, and their reactions to things.  They knew that they had to ask themselves powerful questions; and they had to be brutally honest with the answers.  It is the only way we grow… be willing to say “if I could instantly replay that, what would I do differently?” Then we can step into a whole new set of possibilities that we couldn’t see when we were blinded by what we knew.

Comfort doesn’t necessarily mean that all is well… may mean that you are on cruise control.  So when faced with feedback that makes you feel uncomfortable……walk right in it and be willing to get more uncomfortable in order to take yourself to the next level of excellence.  Today as you begin your day ….ask yourself, what one thing, if I did it, would profoundly improve the way I work and how I live? What pattern are you painfully aware of in your life, that you have not dealt with?  Bring it out into the light of day and resolve now to examine it closely; because self image sets the boundaries and limitations for each of our individual accomplishments.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov said “The creator has planted within every creature a fragment of himself, a spark, a spirit of the same nature as himself and, thanks to this spirit, every creature can become a creator.  And this means that, instead of always waiting for their needs to be satisfied by some external source, human beings can work inwardly by means of their thought, their will, and their spirit to obtain the nourishing healing elements they need.  This is why the teaching I bring you is of the spirit, the creator and not of matter……”