Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Pay attention to life….it is always speaking to you.  In order to meet our commitments and get things done we sometimes have such tight schedules that we are on auto-pilot as we move from one task to another.  At these times we are only focused on the results and so there can be no enjoyment of the present moment, we lose our delight for the work, because we are only focused on getting it done.  We have left our heart out of our work and so we are just skimming the trees, not really noticing all the simple delights that are there when we are present.

Sometimes our busy schedule are a reaction to what has happened, we soldier on because we don’t know how to deal with our worries for the future;  our feelings about a painful situation, or the grief we feel at the loss of someone we love.  But we cannot deny what we feel and to do so would dishonour our spirit.  At these times we must take a few moments of silence, to contemplate, to choose the right path – not the easy one, and we must listen to that sacred place in our hearts that contains our pain, our fear, and our grief and bring them to a peaceful place.  Your heart always knows your destiny…..listen in solitude to the voice that speaks to you.  Bring your dark places into the light and ever so gently move forward with that light so that you can light another candle for someone who needs it. 

Robin Sharma said “I am reminded of the importance of contribution, of making my life even more valuable by living it for others – listening to the gentle whispers of the holiest places of the heart is all about discovering – and then heeding the calls that come from the deepest place within you.  Sometimes these calls come to us in life’s most trying and seemingly hopeless moments, like when someone we love dies or when one of our dreams shatters.  The point of wisdom is simply this; pay attention and be aware of the inner voices that will lead you down the path of destiny.  Listen to what you heart tells you to do and commit yourself to living out your destiny so you will leave a meaningful legacy.”