Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Become masterful at honouring your soul…………don’t engage with people that repeatedly leave you feeling drained, but don’t judge people based on one bad choice or decision either.  As we grow into our best selves, we begin to notice the energy that people bring to our lives and we realize that we must make choices about what kind of energy we want to be around for the long term. 

When the people we want in our lives make mistakes we owe them some compassion; and we owe it to them not to allow those mistakes to define them forever.  It is ego and arrogance that will judge people and then share those judgments with others……and that kind of behaviour does not demonstrate any compassion.  Eleanor Roosevelt told us “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  So we must recognize that only a handful of people will honour us versus judge us, and that we must be our own best friend and advocate for our values.

Joseph M. Marshall III said “Anyone who does not exercise compassion is ignorant of the reality that everyone needs it at some time in life; or we forget that someone has blessed us with compassion at a time when we needed it.  That is the smallness of arrogance.  It is a disease of the soul.  It can be highly contagious.  Ignorance is its carrier.  It ravages the souls of those who think there is no reality beyond themselves.  Those who suffer from the smallness of arrogance think that ill fortune is the fault of those who suffer it; that good fortune is a privilege that belongs to them.  Whatever path you take, do not succumb to arrogance and endanger your soul.