Thought for the Day – By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Live your life fully………… every day!  Too often we put our dreams on hold, we place the life we want in the promised land of tomorrow and hope that it will come.  But what if it doesn’t come….what if we live the same day over and over again only hoping for the life we dream of, not realizing it.  The time for your best life is now…..each day presents itself as a new opportunity to shine your light and to place your focus on what really matters to you.  Too often we structure our lives  in a way where our happiness is dependent upon something we cannot control, and so we experience pain.  The key to true happiness is to find it right where you are.  To be grateful for the simple things, to make memories with those you love, and to enjoy the blessings that comes with each sunrise.

People will always determine your character by observing what you stand for… you stand in the world and only take care of yourself?  Or do you make it a place where people matter, where the needs, and dreams of everyone are important.  People who only seek success, who work to acquire instead of becoming – fall short of their desires and the vision they have for themselves.  A self-centred life is totally empty…..while a life that is focused on serving and striving for excellence finds its rhythm.  A true servant helps other people become motivated by guiding them to their gifts, callings, talents, and strengths.  We increase what we praise….and the deepest human need is the need to be appreciated and loved.

Robin Sharma said “To me it speaks to the importance of living fully while we have the chance to do so.  Living full out.  Because life will soon be over.  Before we know it, we’ll be six feet under and all those simple pleasures we took for granted, like feeling raindrops on our faces or watching our children laugh or seeing the sun come up, will be the things of the past.  Generally the things we value most in our twenties, thirties, and forties become the things we value least at the end of our lives.  And all those things that so many among us currently value least, like deep human connections, random acts of kindness, being in superb physical condition, devoting ourselves to excellent work, creating a legacy and carving out time each day to work on ourselves so that the best within us shines, will in the end, reveal themselves to be most valuable.”