Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Let adversity serve you well…… is during times of intense challenge that we tend to ask ourselves the big questions; the soul searching questions that lead us to live our lives with more focus and balance between our head and our heart.  When life is going well, when we believe we have some level of success in our lives we tend to live superficially…..we are not reflective.  It is because the heart and mind are always competing.  The mind covets worldly possessions  such as money, position, and things. While the heart appreciates the power of now…… is concerned with wholeness, love and compassion and service to others. 

The goal is not to live through either our head or our heart, but rather to find the brilliant balance that can exist between the two, so that we are both intellectually and spiritually driven. Making more money, filling your house with things, pursuing personal power will not make a legacy in your life.  It might make you rich……but rich isn’t fun if you’re empty.  The law of the universe says that you get what you give……so today be a little kinder than you have to be, help others with their troubles, assume the best in people, and remember to do so is one of life’s privileges.   

Robin Sharma said “Something deep within me suggested that there just might be another way to operate as a human being.  I have always been a man who lived mostly in his head.  Reason rather than passion drove me.  If something didn’t make sense at an intellectual level, I’d usually discount it. But I’d lived that way my whole life and my life still wasn’t working.  I love Einstein’s definition of insanity – “Doing the same things and expecting different results.” If I wanted new results in my life then I knew I had to behave in new ways.  Otherwise my life would look the same until I died.”