Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best……. and leave people better than you find them.   Most assuredly you are going to come into contact with people whom you have a difference of opinion with, people who don’t latch onto every word you say, people who may have less than stellar communication skills.  You will feel wronged, you will take it personally and you may even create a whole bunch of drama to tell the story so that the world knows you are free of any responsibility in that circumstance.  When people are out of integrity with how they treat us……we must recognize that it says so much more about them than it does about us.  Taking things personally not only allows your ego to boldly declare this is about me, it creates wounds and hardship unnecessarily.

When you allow the opinions of others to penetrate your sense of self… are accepting the toxic thoughts and agreements of someone else.  You have broken their rules and they are assessing you on that basis.  While we are never responsible for the actions of others, we are responsible for our own.  We decide how we will respond to our life situations and that is the standard we must hold true in our hearts.  Never let anyone take away your soul……because in the end the greatest defeat will be the difference between what one was capable of becoming and what one has indeed become.  You are the person in your life that sees every thought, act, and feeling… make them kind and remember when they’re being them, you can still be you.

Robin Sharma said “Every one of us has a soul within us that know what it means to be a decent, loving, and noble human being.  We all have a deep place inside of us that knows……When you do something wrong, you can try to fool yourself by rationalizing what you did at a conscious level.  You can create a whole story about how the world is out of integrity and you’re the victim.  You can build a case that the other person deserved what they did to you and you acted harshly with them to teach them a lesson.  But it’s not your responsibility to serve as a policeman of the universe.  Your job is to show up as  a leader within your own life by getting the lessons that this growth school is delivering to you, and by doing so, evolve into your authentic best self.”