Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best……..make the most of every day.  Each day gives us an opportunity to begin anew….to turn a page and to experience the joy that comes from just being alive.  Too often we find ourselves overwhelmed by our lives…..too much to do, too much to think about, too many things left undone as they fall further down our list of priorities.  We are busy because we choose to be and we must recognize that we can just as easily choose to find moments of peace.  The dawn of a new day always presents us with the opportunity to start with a moment of peace…..and quiet gratitude. 

Gratitude connects us to what truly matters in our lives…….it reminds us of the things we are so very grateful for and keeps us centred.  In order to truly appreciate the gifts in our lives….we must remain committed to enjoying each day.  So as you begin this day….fill your cup up……see the beauty and the possibilities that lay ahead of you and don’t trip over the little things…..remember that this day will only be offered once, make the most of it.  Give yourself the gift of breathing life in……let go of any negativity and plug in to all the goodness that is there for you and check your connection throughout the day.  Remember everything has to stop sometime… order to keep going.  Even you.

William Coleman said “It feels good to be alive today.  You can feel the contentment down to your toes.  The coffee tastes good, your clothes fit well, even the air seems fresh in your lungs.  There is no hiding the fact.  There is no need to feel guilty about it.  A day has been created and it’s all yours.  Like  a round red apple – waiting to be eaten, chewed, savoured and enjoyed.  Life has more than its share of hard days and bitter pills to swallow.  No need to dwell on them.  No need to fear them.  No need to be suspicious.  Today is good.  Don’t chase it away.  Or pretend it isn’t real.  Today is beautiful…drink it in…..use it wisely and be thankful for it.”