Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best……..finish what you start.  People  talk about what they have to do….what they must do…..what they must start right away.  But talk is cheap and actions speak much louder than words.  How much of your conversation is framed in the future….referencing things that you know you must take action on, but never actually doing so?   On any given day, nagging at the back of your mind are the things that you keep shuffling around and losing sleep over, and still you do nothing.  Examine them closely….uncover your fears, worries, and beliefs….they hold messages and lessons for you.  They speak to why you postpone things, even though intellectually, you know it is self-sabotaging.

Procrastination is a sign…..a sign that you don’t believe in yourself enough to start something and finish it.  The things we avoid….are the very things that we need to pay attention to, they represent our greatest growth opportunity.  For example we may place all our focus on external appearances….be really good at keeping our commitments to take care of our body and work out regularly…..but if we are not paying attention to the inside too then we end up with a beautiful shell and an empty soul.  Pay attention to the things you postpone, to the conversations you won’t have with yourself, to any denial that you bury deep within. The gentleness of hope teaches us that a promise kept builds credibility, confidence, and trust …..because getting things done, speaks for itself.

Robin Sharma said “Doesn’t matter what you start.  Brilliant that you have the courage to take that first step…..nothing changes until you change.  But what is the point of starting if you don’t finish.  Leadership and greatness comes to those who follow-through.  Who stand for near flawless execution.  Who stay with a project/pursuit/idea with the tenacity of a pit-bull until the thing gets done.  Beautifully.  So right here, right now, reach deep into your heart and commit from the best place that inhabits you – to finish the important things you start.”