Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…………if you don’t care who  gets the credit, then much is possible.  It is only when you drive results that require you getting all the recognition that the concept of team work falls apart.  People can see through ego driven leadership in a heartbeat and when they do… diminish their passion and their willingness to work as a team to obtain solutions and results.  Ego doesn’t want to build on the work of others, it wants to tear that work apart, start over, and make sure that the new way is their way.  The difference between acting badly or brilliantly is not based on our ability, but rather out of our state of mind, and the things we focus on.  Focus on getting recognition… a choice that will lead to us behaving badly.

Do you know anyone who always tears the ideas and suggestions of others to pieces?  Who seems to be driven by negatively judging the work that others do…. and whose interpersonal skills destroy rather than build.  This is ego walking…..they cannot share the lime light with anyone…..they only live in harmony when things go the way they believe they should.  Ego does not care for the greater good…..but rather pursues the things that originated with them.  Great leadership must precede great follow ship…….or the leader will look over  his/her shoulder and there will be no one there.  True synergy and dynamic results only come from great leadership that recognizes the value of interdependency and the power of teamwork……and every single contribution.

Stephen R. Covey said “Most entrepreneurs have a tendency toward independence.  They like to do things on their own.  But if you go to the Entrepreneur of the year meetings every year, you’ll see that those who win consistently win as a team.  It’s exciting when you truly hear out divergent views and you start to see how to bring them together for a solution nobody ever thought of before.   Of course, the barriers are defensiveness, territoriality, the not invented here syndrome.   The first step in the synergy process is to ask the question – Are you willing to go for a solution that is better than either one of us has in mind.”