Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Honesty matters……….and we must start with ourselves.  We all have beliefs, agreements, and attachments that we use to filter and guide us through life.  When these are healthy attachments, they don’t affect people we love, they don’t isolate, or make someone right and someone wrong, and we are free to exercise our free will to change them and adapt them as we grow and learn.  But if our attachments blind us to all the available options, if they cause us to act out of character, or if they cause us to hurt those we love…..then they are unhealthy attachments and sadly they are running our lives, our choices, and our intentions.

If we stay committed to this level of attachment, then the potential exists for us to become fanatical about how we view the world and how we interact with others.  At this level we are not willing to acknowledge new knowledge, or feedback and slowly but surely we close ourselves off from the possibilities that exist when we have healthier levels of attachment.  Healthy levels of attachment allow you to listen as the world turns and changes……they allow you to adapt and change as you take on new knowledge.  Simply put if you are not free to say “do I want to keep this belief – this attachment?” then you are not free to be your authentic self.  You are not controlling your knowledge, it is controlling you.  Today be aware of your beliefs and your attachments to them…….ask yourself if they are still serving you……or are they controlling you in a world where more and more our ability to adapt and change will write on the slate of who we become.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “There comes a point in life when we grow tired of needing to be right, especially when we see how this ego feeding need affects our relationships with people who just want to be our friends, with the beautiful souls who just wanted to love us.  Our attachments don’t let us see further than the tips of our noses.  We are the one who said yes or no to an agreement…and we are the only ones who can change them.  When we see how our attachments are affecting our relationships with ourselves and with others, we realize that we are the ones that can change it.”