Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…….the single biggest factor in leading our best lives… self love.  We must tap into our consciousness and do the best we can to work at unconditional love When you can connect with that place within yourself then you can begin to experience the benefits of loving yourself.  You see, when you do not stand in the truth of what you know, what you feel, and who you are, you are withholding your love.  To stand means that we express, we share, and we honour.  It means that we show ourselves self-love, self-support, and self-respect.  As we do this for ourselves we are able to do it for others.

Henry Ford taught us “say you can, or say you can’t, either way you’ll be right”…….and it is true, our beliefs about what is possible are usually grounded in how we feel about ourselves and our capabilities.  But when we have unconditional love for ourselves we are able to challenge our fears by doing the very thing that we are afraid of in the moment that we feel afraid.  Our souls are nurtured when we can speak to people in a way that will open their hearts, allowing them to feel welcome and worthy when they are in our company.  Unconditional self-love allows us to be cooperative, accepting, forgiving, and to be present with others in loving ways.  It means that even when people don’t give you a smile… can still give them yours.

Louise Hay said “I live and dwell in the totality of possibilities.  Where I am there is all good.  Think about these words for a minute.  All good.  Not some, not a little bit, but all good.  When you believe that anything is possible, you open yourself up to answers in every area of your life.  Where we are is the totality of possibilities.  It is always up to us individually and collectively.  We either have walls around us or we take them down and feel safe enough to be totally open to allow all good to come into our lives.  Begin to observe yourself objectively.  Notice what is going on inside of you, how you feel, how you react, what you believe – and allow yourself to observe without judgment or comment.  How willing are you to change I can’t…. to I can?”