Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Keep a journal……..conversations with yourself are important.  Life can get very busy and when it does we chip away at the amount of time we dedicate to ourselves.  The one investment that you can make is to keep a journal.  A sacred and quiet place where you can record your thoughts, your fears, your hopes, and dreams.  It is the place where you can be completely honest with your feelings.  Unlike a diary where we record events……a journal is the place you analyze and evaluate events and your role in them.  It encourages you to want to live your best life.  It promotes self-awareness and personal growth and it allows you to take the gems of daily learning and use them to have a better tomorrow.

So take a moment today and go to your favourite book store.  Find a beautiful journal that is reflective of your nature and your soul; one that makes you feel peaceful.  Then begin the process of writing in your journal daily.  15 minutes dedicated to writing down what you normally think about.  It takes you out of your own head… allows you  to be brutally honest, and most importantly it fuels your life long journey of learning.  It is in essence your private place where you can go and just be present, and peaceful.  Enjoy the special wisdom that comes with keeping a journal…..and take comfort in knowing that it comes from a place of authenticity.  Only a tranquil mind can see its way forward.

Robin Sharma said “Maintaining a daily journal is one of the best personal growth initiatives you will ever take.  Writing down your daily experiences along with the lessons you have drawn from them will make you wiser with each passing day.  You will develop self-awareness and make fewer mistakes.  And keeping a journal will help clarify your intentions so that you remain focused on the things that truly count.  Writing in a journal offers you the opportunity to have regular one-on-one conversations with yourself.  It forces you to do some deep thinking in a world where deep thinking is a thing of the past.  It will also make you a clearer thinker and help you to live in a more intentional and enlightened way.

 Lisa Scott is an Executive Business and Life Coach at Scott & Associates