Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best………momentum doesn’t just happen.  Action subdues fear.  When we face our fears, we master them.  When we confront our problems, they lose their power over us.  When we follow our dreams and commit to living our best life, we open the door to personal liberty.  One of the ironies of life is that people with momentum all share one trait: they attract criticism.  How they respond to that criticism will determine the rate of their momentum.

So we must listen to the quietest whispers of our mind….for they are telling us the choices that will help us to grow and evolve the most.  All we need to do is remind ourselves of the amount of potential control that we have over our own choices, and therefore the control we have over much of what happens to us.  Your imagination is the place where your future experiences are constructed.  Today is the day to make choices that truly mirror your innermost feelings and desires.  So nurture your future with loving care…..dream big!

Robin Sharma said “The way to an extraordinary life lies in exploring ourselves, in learning of our greatest capacities and in understanding who we fundamentally are as people.  Then, equipped with this essential knowledge, we can go out into the world to do what we have been wired to do and create the goodness that we have been placed here to create.  Remember, you have a duty to shine, and this world will be less of a place if you choose to play small with your life.”