Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Manage your time effectively……….we are as busy as we are, because we choose to be.  In today’s busy world it seems like sometimes we are just running on adrenalin as we move from one task to another, from one meeting to another…..barely noticing the passage of time and certainly not being present in the moments of our day, to really savour and enjoy them.  While it is acceptable that we choose this kind of frenetic pace for ourselves it is not sustainable and it is not transferable. 

We are all interdependent in our relationships and in our ability to accomplish our tasks and so we need to have respect for other peoples time. There will be emergencies where we are required to drop everything and have “all hands on deck” but we cannot impose that kind of disregard on other peoples time as a regular occurrence. So be on time, punctuality is a mark of greatness and be considerate of other people’s time don’t leave things till the last minute as if people were waiting for you to fill their calendar.  Remember when people feel respected , they feel better about themselves and when they feel better, they will do better.

Robin Sharma said “Commit yourself to managing your time more effectively.  Develop a keen sense of awareness about how important your time really is. Don’t let people waste this most precious of commodities and invest it only in those activities that truly count. We all have the same allotment of twenty-four hours in a day.  What separates the people who create great lives from the run of the mill is how they use these hours.  Time is life’s great leveler.