Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…… open to the possibilities in your life.  Sometimes when we achieve a level of success we attach our success to our knowledge and the process that worked to produce the result, and while we can observe best practices and use them wisely we should not become so attached to the way we do things that we are unwilling or unable to look at alternatives.  As time marches on, technology and other advancements are forcing us to look beyond our current circumstances and to be open to new methods and ways to engage each other in business and in life. 

Your ability to process new information is directly linked to your level of attachment in your beliefs and thoughts on any given subject.  Become aware of statements like “that’s how we do things, it works for us, we don’t need any new knowledge or approaches……these statements represent unhealthy levels of attachment to the current state. This kind of attachment will not allow people to even consider new information, no matter how relevant it is. Rather the focus is on protecting what is, and supporting those who protect it, which ultimately leads to zero change.  The problem with that is by the time you wake up to the possibilities of what can be… may be too late.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “Is knowledge controlling you or are you controlling your knowledge.   With awareness of how attached we are to a particular belief or idea, we regain something very important; our ability to make a choice, to say yes or no all over again.  The true freedom we have as individuals is to be able to choose with full awareness of what we want and don’t want, instead of allowing our knowledge to dictate what we are supposed to be or choose.  Our freedom to choose is true freedom, it is free will.”