Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Be honest with yourself…………we need to listen to our reactions to people and situations; there are powerful growth messages in them.  It is so very easy to explain our behaviour and choices away, never listening to the real message; and stagnating as we cling to beliefs and opinions that no longer align with who we are. 

Growth, change, and development are at some point uncomfortable and in order to improve continuously, we must accept that we will be fearful of when we are uncomfortable and push through it. 

 Being uncomfortable means that we are growing, and as long as we are committed to that, then we will experience the magic of learning.  Step out of your comfort zone and realize your  potential……you are either experiencing each minute for its unique contribution to your life or you are living the same minute over and over again…… decide.   Will you cling to the comfortable or be willing to leave the safe harbour on a discovery voyage…

Robin Sharma said  “Build your power.  Life’s counter-intuitive.  The things that we resist most, carry the seeds of our greatness. The stuff that makes us feel uncomfortable makes us stronger.  And the things that are hard to do help us get to our authentic power.  Difficult is good. The easy road gets you to a place called disappointment and regret.  Being excellent on a job/project/task when no one’s  watching grows self-respect and inner resolve and personal honour.  The hard stuff is the great stuff.  It’s the very building blocks of a brilliant life.”