Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Take responsibility for your choices and your life…… are the one who must believe that you are worthy of the life you want and it is you, who must make it happen.  People who are not willing to take responsibility for their lives would much rather hold on to their perceived limitations.  They are constantly trying different strategies to turn their life around and the real answers are staring them in the face. 

In order to have a different experience we have to examine the reasons, excuses and limitations that we impose on our existence and get rid of them.  Do not tell the story of your life and give all the power away to people, circumstance and fate….take charge and decide right now to only do the things that point you in the direction of your truth, and that help you to realize the life you want.  Remember, the only thing that stands between you living authentically, is your discomfort with discomfort.

Iyanla Vanzant said “Some people have a way of acting as if their life is not their responsibility.  The can give you chapter and verse of who did and didn’t do whatever to make their life miserable.  Beneath it all there is someone else to blame.  Yet somewhere in the back of your mind….you know the truth. The only reason any person does not have the life they want is that somewhere in the back of their mind, they don’t believe they deserve it.”